Top 10 Internet Things Small Businesses Should Be Thankful For

Here are the top 10 things a small or medium size business that is paying attention to how their website can help them increase their sales and to how vital the internet is to their success, should be thankful for:


1.       That they came to see what a website design should do – generate leads – people to sell to, rather than just sit there and occupy a space on the internet.
2.       That they took an extra 10 minutes to make sure their website domain is really registered in their name. Finding out someone else actually owns your domain is a major headache.
3.       That they finally figured out the kid down the street or the guy that does website design and website development part-time really isn’t capable of creating their single most important marketing element.
4.       That they made sure that the log in and password that they could use to access their domain through their domain registrar is securely recorded and locked with other vital company documents and passwords. If you have to change where your website is hosted and you don’t have that, you could spend hours and hours trying to get control of your site.
5.       That they are experiencing the ease of finding the customers through Pay Per Click programs and Search Engine Optimization that are already looking for them as opposed to the frustration of searching through masses of disinterested consumers with off-line media. Pick the lowest hanging fruit first. If nothing else, make sure your website design facilitates these two activities.
6.       That they made sure that their SSL (Secure Site Layer – a method of encrypting data on a server) key is registered in their name and their email address. If your SSL key expires it is among the most difficult parts of your business to renew because they must talk to the business owner and will only call the phone number listed in the official state business records. If you have moved your business or changed your phone number and you let your SSL key expire because the emails were going to the wrong place, you are about to step into one of the most aggravating processes you have ever experienced.
7.       That they coughed up the extra money and renewed their website domain for 10 years. Beside the small benefit you get for your Search Engine Optimization, you lessen the chance of someone stealing your domain because you missed the renewal.
8.       That they realized that a website is like a garden; it requires maintenance and constant attention. You need to prune the dead content and always add new content.
9.       That they asked their website hosting company a simple question, “How often do you completely back up my website?”   Ever lost an important document on your personal computer? Think 10 X the frustration and angst if something ever happened and you lost of your website files.
10.   That they installed some type of analytics program to really understand how their people use their website and if their website design was helping or hindering their results. You can’t improve what you don’t measure and the information your website can tell you is extremely valuable.