Should you buy Amazon Kindle?

I’ve had a Kindle for under a year and I was cursing myself that I hadn’t gotten it earlier. A Kindle is one of the best Investments for me this year. Let me lay it down.

1.The Cost of Books

The price of a Kindle version opposed to a paperback version for new books isn’t much. You save close to $0.50 cents. But for a slightly older book, you save close to $2 a book, and for an even older book it’s more. I’m an avid reader, I don’t always read the latest ones because there are a lot of older books left to read. Just having shifted to an Amazon Kindle has saved me close to $50 a month. I read 25 books a year. With that saving, I cover half of my books for the next year.

With the extra savings I can also get special collector editions of famous books.

2. The Cost of Carrying Books

Physical books take space. They take space in your house, they take space in your bags. They are a menace to shift. My sister had to move and wanted to take her book collection with her and she had to make two trips because she couldn’t carry them all. If you are young and in your 20’s like me, that means you live in a house with not a lot of space. I don’t have enough space in my house for physical books. When I go out, I sometimes carry my Kindle in my pocket, because it fits, I don’t need to carry an extra bag or hold the book in my hand.

3. Comfort while reading

This has been a major concern for me. I’ve been an anywhere reader. I read when I eat, I read when I’m about to go to sleep. Sometimes it’s comfortable holding the Kindle in one hand. With a book, it closes and you cannot keep it propped up. Comfort is a major factor with the kindle. Sometimes I miss using the bookmark and I have to search for the page that I am in. May seem like a 3rd world problem, but it still is annoying.

4. Multiple Books

With a Kindle I can mix it up. I have different kind of books on my Kindle. I have comics, fiction and nonfiction. At any point of time, I’m at least reading two books. This helps to keep all of them in a Kindle, instead of carrying separate books.

5. Battery Life and Number of Books and Ease of Access

The battery on the Kindle lasts for 20 days if you read everyday for an hour. It charges fully within an hour. You can hold 1,000 books in there without any hassles and you can always delete books if your storage is full. When you get a physical book, you’ll have to wait for it to come to your place, but in a Kindle you start immediately.

If you like reading, don’t think twice. This is the device you need.

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