Should I Go Primal or Keto?

what is primal primal is a template for I think living your optimal life primal takes the clues from evolution and applies modern-day genetic science in a manner that allows you to reprogram your genes for optimal health to lose weight have more energy to not be as hungry to sleep better to have less stress in your life all these things are available through the inputs that we give our genes and those inputs are sort of dictated by our evolution what our genes expect of us and so the primal blueprint looks at all these behaviors that we can sort of superimpose on that lifestyle to achieve those sorts of benefits primal and paleo differ not so much anymore but originally there was a huge difference paleo is basically a diet that was you know loosely considered the caveman diet primal has always been about a broader construct of the Paleo diet but also includes sleep sun exposure play using your brain a lot of other aspects of a total life so the cute reset is what I would call next level primal so primal is sort of a baseline that I think everybody should should live and should follow if they want to optimize their health and their fitness and their longevity keto is kind of the the next level of of accessing even greater health and more energy and a slightly more ideal body composition because it drills down into your metabolic flexibility so going keto allows you to adjust your metabolic flexibility so you have more energy you burn fat even with either even greater efficiency you build muscle with even greater efficiency and all those things are

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I think what most people want so if you’re already primal you’re probably keeping your carbs to 120 130 grams a day I mean if you’re really primal you have cut out sugars and sweetened beverages and pies cakes candies cookies and breads and pasta and cereal and you’ve come down to basically eating a lot of vegetables and maybe some starchy tubers as your main source of carbohydrates so in order to go from primal keto all you have to do really is find like 50 or 60 of those grams of carbs in your day that you’re willing to give up for a period of time and kind of force your body to rebuild some machinery to to access and burn stored fat I think the key to reset is pretty much for everybody I think you know with varying degrees of success anyone would be well-served to try a keto reset for a couple of weeks for six weeks or whatever if it doesn’t work or it doesn’t work as well as you expected no harm no foul nothing nothing ventured nothing gained but if it does work you you open your world up to a whole new realm of possibilities these types of diets don’t have to be hard they can be if you focus on all the things you can’t eat but if you focus on all the things that you can eat and if you’re mindful of how you eat and if you’re mindful of doing the work and building the metabolic machinery to access your own stored body fat for energy so that you get a hold of your appetite hunger and cravings and those diminish then this becomes a very easy lifestyle in fact that’s one of the greatest testimonials I’ve gotten over the years is that yes I lost 150 pounds or I got off my meds or I’ve you know my PCOS has gone away or I’m no longer type 2 diabetic but-but-but mark I feel like I could live this way for the rest of my life I don’t feel like it’s going to be a struggle from day to day this is something I know I can do