Benefits of Working in A Co-Working Space

The co-working industry has more than quadrupled in the last five years.

By 2025 the US government estimates that up to 40% of the united states working population are going to be independent contractors so that means they’re not going to have a permanent corporate office to go to they’re going to be on their own whether they were going to be working from their home or a coffee shop someplace else those workers are going to have to be somewhere so there’s been this explosion of co-working spaces co-working companies like we work that rent corporate spaces and then dole them out either in group working spaces on a group table up to individual apportioned offices that you can rent and go there to work so you get out of your house or out of a coffee shop and you go to a more collaborative type of office environment.

Fully furnished office for rent

I started my agency a couple years ago I started working from my home office which is where I am now but over time that got more and more confining and I found that when I went out into the world and took a train in gene or city or got out of my office and worked in a coffee shop or somewhere else I had this explosion of creative ideas all sorts of blog ideas video ideas creative ideas design ideas came to me when I got out of my home office and got exposed to more people and more activity more visual stimulation so I knew that I had to get out of my office and get a different place to work so because of my recent experience.

Pros and cons of Co working Spaces

I found about co-working spaces so if faced with it you can make a better decision ok so what’s great about a home office well the great thing about a home office is that you can set your own hours it’s your own schedule you can be flexible it’s a controlled environment so you really control what you hear you know what’s going on around you if you want to you can work all day in your PJs you can have your dog in your room you can keep your cat on your lap you can burn incense you can have music going you can do whatever you want in your space those are the pros of a home office now some of the cons of having a home office is that like said earlier it can be kind of lonely there’s no social interaction other than phone or Skype no personal interaction there can be a lot of distractions at home so the doorbell can ring the dog can start barking you can get a delivery you might get distracted and think that you have to do some laundry or do the dishes to do some chores there’s a million distractions when you’re home that can lead to a non-productive kind of work environment it also psychologically combines your leisure space your home with your work space and that when it comes to separating work and having a life sometimes those lines blur and it becomes a little difficult to deal with so being able to separate work from leisure or work from home life is sometimes real advantage when you’re in a home controlled environment you also have very little unexpected input so you’re not seeing signs you’re not hearing sound you’re not interacting with people in an unexpected way which is where a lot of creative ideas come from those unexpected things and so your creative ideation and that kind of input is sometimes kind of limited so let’s talk about co-working spaces co-working spaces there’s great things about them one is that it’s more social you’re in an environment with on their people so you’re going to be able to have conversations in passing and the water cooler at the microwave and you’re going to get input in here and see what other people are working on and that can be stimulating intellectually and also it can be great for networking because you’re going to meet a lot of people in a co-working space and hear what they’re doing learn about what they do and maybe even find synergies and ways to work with them I personally as an agency a branding person and designer have made a lot of connections and gotten a lot of new business out of the connections and people I’ve met and built relationships with in my co-working office being in a co-working space also there are less distractions

yes there are distractions with other people and the sights and sounds there but you don’t have to dog barking you don’t have delivery guys coming to your door so you’re really focused on work and I found to be really beneficial co-working spaces can also be cheap they can be really expensive but they can also be cheap and if you shop around you find space in a co-working space maybe at a group desk that for a lot less money than you think and it allows you to separate that work life from that home or leisure life and that psychological separation is really helpful when you need to detach from doing work and a lot of designers I know and entrepreneurs in particular are really driven and separating and stopping work is sometimes a really hard thing to do so being able to have that physical separation psychological separation between work and home leisure life is a great thing to have also having a change of scenery can help you get energized and just seeing different walls different furniture different people can be really helpful so some of the cons of co-working spaces are number one you have to pay for it so it’s not free but I find that paying for a co-working space is an investment in your business and your productivity that really pays a lot of dividends both in networking connections and also in focus on what you’re doing and now and also in that separation of work and leisure family life.

Another negative is that you have to commute you have to leave your home to leave your office and you have to go somewhere else and sometimes that cost fuel costs time cost money to commute another negative is that you got to slip stuff around so you got to put your laptop your Wacom tablet your iPad your special Mouse all your papers whatever you have that it’s associated with with your work you have to take it from one place to another yes everyone who has a job has to move their stuff around but when you’re co-working a lot of times you have more stuff to carry on the whole though I find that there are really very few negatives and using a co-working space.

Which is why I highly recommend it so in conclusion what I would say is me I started from home I was here a year and then I started co-working and I never looked back so if you can afford it do it it’s a first step to growing your business and in my experience it’s nothing but positive the other thing is you can always leave your co-working space and go back to your home office back to your cave if you want so you’ll have both you have that flexibility I found that it’s really great for creativity it’s really great for focus and it’s been exceptional for business development and for now working so that’s it on co-working spaces.