The revolutionary E-commerce is considered similar to the industrial revolution. It has made people reach one step forward in attaining their needs in a better and comfortable manner.

shop friday

One of the main aspects of this futuristic E-commerce is online shopping.

The 7 reasons why I think shopping is better through online means are:

1) Shopping at home: The first and the main important point to be noted is that you can shop any product or service from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere else and at any time i.e. 24*7. This comforting aspect has made any person to shop without the difficulty to step out of their home.

2) Cash on delivery and e-payment system: Another positive point is that you can make the payment after the product or service has been delivered. This ensures security from the company which will gain trust from the customers.
E-payment is a new aspect where customers are reluctant to use it but with the progress of online shopping and its security system many users are opting for e-payment system where payment can be done through debit or credit card.

3) Personalized account: A customer can create his/her account in the respective shopping website in a personalized way. He can also get information about the order status i.e. whether the product is the transit or is in the way for delivery. Through this, customer can receive in depth information about the product in a nutshell.

4) Comparative shopping: Customer can shop through comparative means. He has the ability to compare prices from other shopping websites and make his decisions about buying the product. This is a very profitable aspect to the customer. Companies having knowledge about comparative online shopping often sell products at discount in order to lure the customers to their website resulting in having lower price of the product.

5) Return policy: If the product is found to be defective then almost all shopping websites have return policy. A return slip is provided when the order is delivered, so if the customer finds the product in bad shape or undesired then he can return it back with the return slip and then order for the right product.

6) The disadvantage of place eliminated: Customers sometimes desire to shop from distance countries but are unable to do so because of the demerit of distance. This is fulfilled through online means where customers can shop different products which are available at distant places; all this can be done through a mere click.

7) Benefit to the society: If shopping is done online then there will be less traffic outside which will result in less pollution which in turn will be beneficial to the environment. Rural people can increase their standard of living. Small and medium scale industries can increase their profitability by selling their products online. People can buy hand loom products online which will be beneficial for the hand loom industries.

Thus, there are many more reasons to shop online. Even though some people are reluctant to use online shopping, it is emerging at a faster pace. It is in the present and will be in the future the global aspect of conducting business.